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Real Estate Services


From residential and investment real estate sales to landscape maintenance to extensive remodels, Cutting Edge Properties has the know-how and professionalism to help you accomplish all of your real estate goals!

Asset Management
Asset Management

We offer professional management services built around our extensive experience managing a multitude of assets for our clients. We use a highly sophisticated software program that allows our clients full insight into who is renting their properties, how timely their tenants' rent payments are and what maintenance and repairs have been done and by whom in real time. In addition, our clients have the ability to login and download and print or email any one of 26 different reports reflecting every piece of information relevant to their properties performance to prospective buyers, their book keepers, other partners or their C.P.A.

Tenants also have the ability to login and interact with us. They can make their rent payment, request maintenance or service, check the status of a repair as well as pull up a complete history of their tenancy with us.

Complete Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services


In addition to our full team of contract professionals who can manage any type of property maintenance issue that may arise, the professionals at Cutting Edge Properties are also capable of completing many of these tasks in house which will keep maintenance costs down and improve your bottom line.


  • Remodeling

  • Interior and Exterior Painting

  • Full Landscape Maintainence

  • Sprinkler Repairs and Winterization

Investment Real Estate
Residential and Investment Real Estate

Looking for your dream home or that next great rental property? Cutting Edge Properties has the tools, expertise, and the experience to locate the perfect property for your needs.

Call us today and let us assist you with all of your real estate needs!

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